AP-Vector connects entrepreneurs with pre-qualified investors who have a track record of investing in safety and security companies.

Entrepreneurs can choose the location, type and profile of the investors they want to be put on the radar of, and provide a basic level of information about their company to attract interest.  For qualified investors who opt-into the program, AP-Vector provides an easy to navigate, monthly list, of the safety and security entrepreneurs who want to connect with them. 

To learn why we do this, read our blog. To join the network or submit your company, scroll down.


We are delighted to add qualified investors to our AP-Vector network and share with you safety and security companies that we become aware of. Each month, you will receive a curated list of companies that meet your nominated criteria. We never share your contact information directly with companies - you reach out to the companies that are of interest at your own election.  

To join the AP-Vector network you must:

  • have at least one prior investment in a company in the safety and security sector
  • meet any regulatory standards that may apply to you (eg in the US, meet the SEC's standard of being a Qualified Investor) 
  • make your own investment decision whether to invest in any company

Finally, please note that we do not screen, diligence or recommend for investment the companies that you may become aware of through AP-Vector.


We know how hard it can be to connect with investors who understand your business and your sector. Through AP-Vector, entrepreneurs provide some entry level information about their company and their funding round, which is shared on a monthly basis with investors who have expressed an interest in the sector. Entrepreneurs can select the type of investor they wish to target, and investors who are interested in your profile to reach out to your directly.

Please note:

  • Companies can only submit their information once every 12 months
  • Companies will not be provided with contact details of any investor in the AP Vector network (interested investors will contact you directly)
  • We only accept submissions from founders and executives in the company. We do not accept submissions from advisors, investors or service providers to the company
  • We reserve the right not to include any company's information for any reason. Please note we will not include a profile if we believe the company has not been truthful and transparent in the information provided