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For many, 2016 was a year of security headlines. It seems like almost every day there was a front page story of another security breach, another hack, another terrorist attack, another fraud. At AlphaPrime, we believe that the world is heading into an era of security minefields for 2017 and the next decade. There are emerging solutions, a robust acquisition environment, and some indication that boards and companies are maturing and starting to prepare their defenses. But more is needed and faster in order to meet the escalating environment.   This white paper takes a look back at 2016 and where we are headed. 

Unmanned vehicles – drones - offer society the promise of more effective, safer ways of performing everyday, and even unusual, tasks. Whether it’s inspecting underwater power lines, monitoring traffic, or driverless cars that can’t drink and drive, the idea of putting machines, rather than humans, in harm’s way is appealing. But drones also offer a new category of threats: being used for nefarious purposes that erode, rather than enhance, the security fabric of our society. Innovations are accelerating in both directions.

This white paper looks at the emergence of the drone industry and market, the fundamental terminology every executive should know, and the emerging technologies that are keeping us safer with, and from, drones.

AlphaPrime focuses on technologies that manage and protect people and assets. We’re often asked why we are based in New York (actually, the real question being asked is ‘Why aren’t you based in San Francisco?’). Now, we’re the first to admit that we’re New Yorkers (Manhattanites even) through and through, complete with an inability to drive (well), a frustrating lack of patience, and somehow, we just feel calmer in the company of concrete skyscrapers. However, in our sector, there are other good reasons to be based in New York.

The Location Edition literally looks at the landscape of safety and security companies in the US: where they are based, which cities are growing fastest, and which innovation hubs have a disproportionate level of success in fostering exits in our sector. And the results are not what you might think.