We're the smart money
behind smart software.

We're East Coast VCs with a track record rooted in our own tech backgrounds.

Founders tackling hard problems inspire us.

Our Five Core Commitments


We invest in founders who inspire us to roll up our sleeves. As force multipliers, we work alongside our entrepreneurs, establishing new relationships and sharing our industry insights.


We don't invest in companies of products, we invest in companies of people. To keep our ecosystem growing, we do more than engage, we give back, by fostering entrepreneurship, tech education, and research.


We're constantly on the hunt for enterprise software's next big thing. So we iterate on our investment thesis to best and first understand the potential of all of the emerging trends.


Establishing a relationship of trust is always the first step toward long term investing. That's why we stay uncompromisingly dedicated to being both direct and earnest in all of our interactions.


Startups shouldn't be in the business of fundraising. By dedicating ourselves to a defined system, we aim to keep our investment process efficient and out of your way.

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