Become A Vendor

Our distribution model enables vendors to build their businesses despite resource constraints. We support vendors with:

  • MARKET KNOWLEDGE AND ACCESS: we provide access to new markets, incremental revenue opportunities, insight into optimal product and price packaging for a specific market, and the right resellers for different parts of the end customer base
  • SPEED TO MARKET: We remove vendors’ needs to do months, or even years, of research to select and appoint the right partners
  • RESELLER DILIGENCE: We recruit, vet and build a trusted network of resellers to ensure vendors are dealing with reputable, efficient and effective reseller
  • VARIABLE SALES COSTS: After the sales readiness process, there are no fixed investment requirements to selling through our network, significantly reducing vendors’ risk and capital requirements to access these new markets
  • LOWER CUSTOMER ACQUISITION COSTS: When they could all of the customer acquisition costs, many early stage companies will spend 80% of more of their revenues on the sales and marketing activities, personnel, travel, tradeshows and systems required to attract those revenues. When you work through our VAD, although 50% of the landed sales cost of the product is paid to the reseller and the distributor (see section 4), vendors can secure new customers with minimal sales engineering support and actually reduce their true customer acquisition cost.  We increase your contribution margins enabling you to focus your capital on your own local sales efforts and product and engineering teams
  • SALES READINESS SUPPORT: We ensure the technology solution and all sales collateral is compellingly articulated and packaged. We work with vendors on the structure, visual presentation, storyboarding and commercial proposals to best position vendors for the relevant market